And then it got bigger

The brothers Huber supported Walter Uetz with the air plane manufacture on the Speck/Fehraltorf airfield during the years 1956/57.
The primary production line was for the Jodel D11 two-seater's.

This air plane was (at that time) very exciting for us, so that we decided to build a semi-scale bondage-flight model of the HB-SUV

Jodel SUV 1957 2Jodel SUV 1957 1

The history of the HB-SUV "Hotel Bravo - Sierra Uniform Viktor":

G. and B. Huber assist in Walter Uetz's air plane manufacture on the Speck/Fehraltorf airfield; especially with the HB-SUV .

Huber’s design and build a bondage-flight model of the HB-SUV; the model however did not perform satisfactorily (see pictures).

G. Huber buys ½ share of the HB-SUV (after an accident) from Mr. Kummer (CHF 3'000.00).

1970 - 1972
The parts of the HB-SUV rotting in a barn in Fehraltorf.

General overhaul of the engine by Mr. H. Näf.

B. Huber buys the second ½ share on the HB-SUV from Mr. Hans Näf (CHF 3'000.00) and is now the registered owner of the HB-SUV.

1972 - 1973
Repair of the airframe by B. Huber below the porch of Albert Neukoms hangar on the Schmerlat airfield in Neunkirch.

Inspection and approval by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation FOCA (expert is Mr. Kummer!), then follows the transition to the Speck/Fehraltorf airfield by Mr. Bruno Giezendanner.

1973 - 1974
The HB-SUV is stationed of the Speck airfield (no space in the hangar, the HB-SUV is on position 6 of the waiting list); wind an weather ask their tribute, the skin of cover and the surface are damaged (see pictures).

Major overhaul by Mr. J. Lengweiler; partial replacement of the fabric cover, new painting.

Installation of a battery and a strobe light.

Thanks of a major fire on the airfield bigger hangars are built and the HB-SUV finds its place (up to waiting list no. 6 are now under cover!!!).

1974 - 75
Ruedi Huber flies the HB-SUV occasionally.

Radio communication is installed.

starting from 1980
Mr. René Naas flies the HB-SUV frequently.

First flights with the "home-made" skis.

René Naas and B. Huber are sharing the fixed costs of the HB-SUV with 50% each, it is an inofficial holder collective, registered owner remains B. Huber.

B. Huber transfers the  HB-SUV free of cost to René Naas, who is now the new registered owner.
He sells the HB-SUV to Martin Gautschi, Stoffel-Aviation. Martin flyes it for his own unse, it however is also used as a charter and training airplane.
An emergency landing of the Jodel near Gossau on 26.03.2013 end with some structural damage, which can be repaired.

The final end of the HB-SUV after 60 years is a failed touch-and-go on the Speck airfield on 19.07.2017 with the crash near Pfäffikon.

  • HB-SUV0023
  • HB-SUV0024
  • HB-SUV0001
  • HB-SUV0072
  • HB-SUV0058
  • HB-SUV0006
  • HB-SUV0005
  • HB-SUV0003
  • HB-SUV0002
  • HB-SUV-Unfall 130326
  • HB-SUV-Unfall 170719